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Can Your Business Go Beyond Green?

Save Money, Win Contracts, Gain Green Recognition

The North London Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise has teamed up with Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SEnS) to offer business owners the opportunity to access expert environmental and sustainability consultancy, training, certification and support services – under the Beyond Green initiative. This new service will help businesses manage their operations in the most cost effective and sustainable way, assisting them to:

  • Save Money by reducing energy usage and waste, make better use of resources and improve business efficiency

  • Enhance Business Reputation

  • Win More Tenders

  • Comply with Legislation

  • Gain Recognition and Certification – including Sustainability Certification

  • Make a pledge to contribute to the sustainability of the earth (A.P.E. Action Plan for Earth)

  • Network and share with like-minded businesses


The Beyond Green service includes a range of services:

  • Get expert environmental and sustainability consultancy – including environmental audits, legal compliance, Health and Safety procedures and certification, sustainability reports

  • Access on and off-site training including: Sustainability Workshops, Health and Safety Awareness, Environmental workshops

  • Gain Environmental and Sustainability Certification

  • Sign up for A.P.E. (Action Plan for Earth) FREE and get a certificate! This global initiative encourages organisations to sign up to a pledge to make the world a better, greener place to live in.


For more information visit Beyond Green  

Contact the Beyond Green team on: 0203 287 5400

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