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More and more people are starting businesses or becoming self-employed in later life.  A Financial Times report has shown the recent surge in UK self-employment, which is now at 4.2 million people, is largely due to entrepreneurs over the age of 50 – who account for 84% per cent of the increase.  Starting a business can be a daunting experience at any age, some people feel that this is the natural progression for them, whilst others are left with no other choice as the prospect of going back into full time employ...

SMEs already have one major advantage over larger firms when it comes to innovation: they can often be more flexible and act more quickly to embrace new ideas.

With a small team, you’re knowledge of the business and good judgement may be the only approval system you need.

5 things small business can do to stay ahead through Innovation

Do ask for advice- Leave your ego behind

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. Consult your staff, your customers and also look outside your organisation, to find solutions in areas t...