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Develop Your Digital Skills –

Free Online Courses


The government has launched The Skills Toolkit, which allows adults to access free, high quality online digital and numeracy courses.  The courses are pitched at different levels – and there is something for everyone – whether you are a running a business, an employee or want to improve your career prospects or just learn something new.


This is an excellent opportunity to build new skills in areas such as:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing - covering topics like creating a website and getting it known, marketing your business locally and internationally and advertising using social media. There are modules covering how to sell online as well as how to analyse the success of your marketing plan.

  • Creating Online Content - discover the importance of tone, style and format in your communications, and develop best practice for communicating effectively online.

  • Social Media for Business - learn how to use social media to establish and improve your brand, set campaign objectives and identify your target audience. Create engaging content and discover the best places to pitch it.


For full details visit

"I personally believe this course has been really helpful to understand what to consider if you want to create great content especially when you want to create a successful social media campaign to launch or promote your own business. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

FutureLearn learner about the ‘How to Create Great Online Content’ course from the Institute of Coding & University of Leeds

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