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Enfield's Big Green Climate Festival

Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf), is encouraging organisations and businesses to get involved in Enfield’s Big Green Climate Festival -  which they are co-ordinating as part of the Climate Coalition's nationwide festival from 18th - 26th Sept - to highlight the climate change crisis and put pressure on world leaders, especially in advance of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow in November.


Enterprise Enfield will be hosting 2 webinars during the week- aimed at encouraging businesses to reduce their environmental impact: Top Tips for Reducing Environmental Impact for Businesses on 24th September and a Green Business Round Table online session on 25th September.


More than 60 groups in the borough have already expressed an interest in being involved in a local festival for Enfield, and are keen to come together to try and make a difference. Example of events that are being already suggested and also suggested in other localities are,


  • Business & Recycling

  • Sustainable Buildings

  • Dining Without Waste

  • Sustainable Food Talk

  • Plastic Free Business

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint

  • The paperless office

  • Examples of Energy Efficiency

  • Limit In Person Meetings

  • Buying Fair Trade

  • Engaging an Energy Audit

  • Buying locally

  • Going Solar

  • Offering green products or services, 

  • Introducing green processes internally, 

  • Hiring employees to promote sustainable practices 

  • going beyond compliance requirements that can actually help firms.


These are just some ideas - but you may have others of your own.  If you would like to run your own activity or event please contact EnCaf - click here.


This is our best opportunity yet for transformational change. Artists, musicians, nurses, teachers, bus drivers, academics, cinemas, universities, galleries, supermarkets, high street brands, NGO supporters, activists and people from all walks of life will host events all over the country.

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