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How to be a Successful Freelancer in the Creative Industry

FREE Training Course

The GLA Creative Skills Academy has an exciting free training opportunity for those interested in pursuing a freelance career in the creative industries. They are running a 5-day, in-person, training programme on ‘How to be a successful freelancer’ delivered by Alison Grade, author of ‘The Freelance Bible’ .

Being a great freelancer is more than being great at working ‘in’ the work you want do – you need to be great at working ‘on’ your freelancing. In this one-day workshop you’ll learn from author of The Freelance Bible, Alison Grade, how to work ‘on’ you freelancing. and prepare yourself so you are best positioned to find the work you want to do. You’ll learn why freelancing is like dating and how you can use this knowledge to be strategic when winning new clients.


This workshop programme will teach you how to build your successful freelance psyche by maintaining a balance of:

• Mindset – how do I think like a freelancer?

• Skills – what skills and mindset does a freelancer need?

• Finances – what do I really need to live on? How do I value myself?

• Desires – how do I find and date clients to win business?

• Sustainability – keeping it all going


The workshop programme will give you a framework which you can use to work ‘on’ your freelancing and build a successful and sustainable freelance career.  This programme is essential for anyone looking to gain work in the creative industries. A recent Creative Industries Federation report on freelancing showed that 47% of work in the creative industries is freelance. It’s likely nearly double that in film and TV which means that graduates are highly likely to work as freelancers if not by design then by necessity. The workshop programme will give attendees the knowledge and confidence to be great freelancers


Please download this  PDF document for full information about freelancing and the training programme, which will be spread across 3 weeks – consisting of 40 hours of FREE training.


This training will be, on the following dates:


  • Day 1 – Thursday the 17th Nov

  • Day 2 – Friday the 18th Nov

  • Day 3 – Thursday the 24th Nov

  • Day 4 – Friday the 25th Nov

  • Day 5 – Friday the 2nd Dec


To qualify for this training, candidates need to be:


  • Unemployed, in low paid work or ‘between’ jobs as a freelancer

  • Must have a London address

  • Must be available to attend the training on the days noted above


Download the Enrolment Form here

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