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A pocket knife is sometimes a steadfast companion to help you get things done when you need them most. We always expect knife owners to prove useful in any situation. Before you decide to buy the best pocket knife to carry around every day, consult our guide below.

What type of knife do you like?

There are many types of knives to choose from. But don't forget that which knife you choose will depend on your style. Ask yourself whether you are a simple person and like the classic style or a person with a personality and a preference for tactical designs.

Classic style:

  • Manually open it

  • Lock mechanism or not

  • There will probably be no pocket clips and

  • Handle material is wood or bone

The classic-style knives lack modern conveniences but have a manly beauty.

Tactical style:

  • Modern open system

  • Blade lock feature

  • Pocket clip included

  • Modern plastic, synthetic, or metal handle material

New beauty and modern functionality are what the tactical knife gets. This is a perfect choice for those with a strong personality.

Features to consider when choosing your knife

In addition to choosing the design style, you should consider the different features that I am going to show below.

Knife opening system:

1. Manual opening: knife opening is 100% dependent on the user.

  • Hands open: use with nails.

  • One-handed opening: open with the thumb

2. Automatic opening: open with just one button

3. Supported opening: open with the thumb, act on spring and turn on the blade.

Knife locking system:

  • Locking knife: use your thumb to press the lock mechanism before you can store the blade.

  • Frame locking knife: single-handed operation and extremely safe.

  • Locking knife: works the same way as a frame lock.

The price you can afford

Through the instructions above, you have determined the type of tool and features you need. And the last factor in your buying decision is price.

$ 30 or less

At this price point, when choosing, you must consider the economic limit you can afford. There are a few great pocket knives in this price range, but most are made from cheaper materials and are less aesthetically pleasing.

Ranges from $ 30- $ 60

This is the ideal price for everyone. When you can pay over $ 30, you will find that stainless steel blades will be of higher quality. In short, for more money, you get the chance to own knives with a better handle design and significantly improved overall aesthetics.

Ranges from $ 60- $ 100

In this segment, you will find best rated pocket knives from material to design and function. Of course, you can consider many different options in this price range.

Greater than $ 100

The knives at this price point will most likely be made with excellent materials and a degree of impeccable machining and meticulousness. You will get the best knives; of course, the choice comes with the price.

Hopefully, our guides can meet your needs and wants, helping you buy the top rated pocket knives. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the box below; we would love to hear from you.

Ultimate guide on how to choose a pocket knife

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