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Abisola Christos-Wahab

Majestik Foods (UK) LTD

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Abisola Christos-Wahab  has over 15 years’ experience in catering and event management. In 2000, she started a number of businesses but eventually realised that her passion was in the food industry.  In 2003 she started Majestik Food with her husband, with the original idea of creating cooking sauces - however, the company concentrated on event catering for the first 13 years.


In 2016, Abisola went back to her original passion and created some authentic cooking sauces – launching the Jollof Rice Sauce - saving African food lovers the long process of making their own recipes!  


Abisola began her business career as Business Finance Manager, working for local government and later became part of the management and strategist team. She was part of a key team that achieved fundamental changes in which Asylum Seekers Units were restructured and reviewed.  Her strength lies in team management, benchmarking, mentoring, financial and project management.


She has the enviable ability to juggle and maintain a balance between all her roles as wife, mother, mentor and entrepreneur. Abisola is a woman with an unquenchable spirit and is universally known for her commitment to duty, with an unwavering focus – and is acclaimed by many as an enthusiast in achieving purpose.


Today, she is committing her energy and resources to bring about ‘holistic’ transformation in the marketplace. She is driven by the realisation that one can achieve their wildest dream and potential in and with GOD.

My background and experience

  • Over 15 years in Catering and Event Management

  • Bsc (Hons) in Business Management

  • Business and Finance Manager

  • Operating Director of Majestik Food



Why I started my business

  • Passion for cooking and hospitality

  • Working flexible hours

  • Bringing about innovation ideas to fruition

  • Starting, running and growing my business



My proudest achievements in business

  • Launching African Cooking Sauce

  • Featured in “Four Weddings” on Living TV

  • Innovation Award

  • Listed on Amazon



I can speak on the following topics:


  • My Business Journey and Success

  • 7 Ingredients of a Perfect Day

  • Stay on Your Lane

  • Awaken the Entrepreneurial Spirit Within You

  • Yes We Can!


Contact Abisola directly on:

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