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Our start up course graduates from 2019

The RSA Trust and Enterprise Enfield

The RSA Trust is a charity funded by surpluses created by RSA Island Village Limited in Enfield Lock.  It supports causes which have an impact on the local community and assists Enterprise Enfield by providing funds to enable the organisation to provide free first time business advice sessions to Enfield residents as well as sponsoring intensive 6 month RSA Trust Inspiring Women Programmes to help women to start their own businesses.

The RSA Trust Inspiring Women Programme provides a range of advice, training and mentoring services to women to empower them with the knowledge and skills to start their own businesses. The annual scheme, which commenced in 2008, has already supported 156 women from Enfield and more recently from Haringey and Waltham Forest, and was fully funded by The RSA Trust until 2016.  In 2016 Enterprise Enfield secured European Regional Development Funding which enabled the organisation to offer a brand new Inspiring Women Programme to assist women throughout London to realise their business dreams. This scheme provides advice, guidance and seminars to both start-ups and early stage businesses. 


Many former participants of the Inspiring Women Programme now have businesses which have been highly commended through winning industry and business awards.  The RSA Trust’s Inspiring Women’s Programme has also enabled Enterprise Enfield to secure and deliver an exciting new Female Founders Accelerator Programme supported by J.P. Morgan.  J.P. Morgan were looking for organisations with a track record of supporting women in business to deliver their scheme and approached Enterprise Enfield having seen its excellent work and results from Inspiring Women. The new 4 month scheme allows women from previous Inspiring Women start up courses to receive dedicated support to grow their existing businesses to the next level.  


RSA Trust Inspiring Women Case Studies:

NatGab Services

When Gladys Anoquah was handed the keys to her new premises, she knew that it was perfect place to set roots for her new business.  Since that day back in August 2013, her business, Natgab Services Limited, has begun to firmly establish a place among care providers in London and Gladys herself is often called upon to act as a consultant to local health authorities.


Gladys was a participant on Enterprise Enfield’s 2013 flagship Inspiring Women Programme. The 6-month scheme offers extensive business training, one to one mentoring and personal coaching to help women in Enfield start their own business. “The RSA Trust Inspiring Women Programme has given me the opportunity not only to reflect but to act,” Gladys commented. “The programme helped me build the confidence and knowledge I needed to ensure the business runs smoothly.  The scheme is an invaluable asset to Natgab and we will forever be grateful for the continued support.” 


Natgab’s office is located at Enfield Island Village.  Gladys says, “Having premises has given credibility, legitimacy and stability to the business.  Our clients, stakeholders and other contacts have a meeting place.  Having business premises means our clients will have more confidence in the service we provide”.  The future is looking bright for Natgab.  Since opening in August 2013, Gladys has already employed 8 members of staff, successfully launched a website and secured consultancy work with Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group.  Gladys added, “We are recruiting more staff and plan to expand throughout the United Kingdom. In 2-5 years we aim to open care homes and nursing homes.


Natgab Services Limited received business support through The RSA Trust Inspiring Women Programme, which is funded by The RSA Trust.



Recluse Colony

“The last year has been a crazy and extremely successful year for me personally and for my business”, proclaims Lauren de Lacey, the owner of Recluse Colony, a handmade creative collective that specialises in the use of up-cycled and recycled materials to make jewellery, accessories, clothing and homeware ranges.


Lauren, a recent graduate of the 2013 RSA Trust Inspiring Women Programme has already blazed a trail in the world of fashion and design.  Early this year, she became the guest blogger for Craft Candy, an online arts & crafts fair blog, which keeps creative people in the loop about the latest trends and events in the art industry. In June, she was asked to design and make the stage outfit for Mick Jagger’s son, Ryan Jagger, who performed at this year’s London Gay Pride Festival.


More recently, Lauren secured a bursary scholarship place on the School for creative Start Ups programme, fronted by Doug Richards of Dragons’ Den. Lauren says that her biggest achievement has been winning the 2013 Enfield Innovation Competition and securing the top prize of £10,000.

“Without the knowledge, love and support of the Inspiring Women Programme, I’m certain I wouldn’t be in the place I am now and doing well.” Lauren said. “From this knowledge, my confidence grew exponentially and I feel very well versed to deal with any situation the world of business can throw at me,” she added. “I received so much kindness, support and information as well as met some fellow entrepreneurs that I can now count as some of my closest friends”


Over the next 12 months, Lauren’s plans include, exhibiting at ComiCon and some Wedding fairs where she will be showing off her new range of bespoke engagement and wedding bands.  She also has plans to host a creative road trip and hopes to get involved in a few projects as well as styling and directing Ryan Jagger’s next music video.



Go Global Art

Andrea Chung is a serial entrepreneur, graduate Engineer and business executive with a passion for art, travel and culture as well as a desire to help artists and makers in developing countries succeed in the art world.  She recently graduated from the 2015 RSA Trust Inspiring Women Programme and is now the proud owner of Go Global Art, an online art marketing platform and sales forum for the best emerging artists around the globe.


Andrea developed her business with the help of the RSA Trust Inspiring Women Programme, which is an intensive 6-month programme designed to provide women with extensive business training, personal coaching and mentoring sessions with a Business Adviser to enable them to start and manage their own business. Andrea said, “The regular advice sessions provided the vital accountability and support structure to ensure my business made progress towards its targets. It was also instrumental in helping me register and select a business operating structure as well as point me in the right direction to find an accountant, web designer and graphic designer.


“Being a member of a team of women who understand the challenges of entrepreneurship was invaluable.  We exchanged business ideas and brainstormed solutions in a very friendly and supportive environment.  Even after the conclusion of the RSA Inspiring Women course, the team still meets regularly and we support each other in moving forward with our respective businesses.”

Since its launch in July 2015, Go Global Art is already presenting artists from; Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Serbia, South Africa and Trinidad.


The future looks bright for Go Global Art as sales are increasing and a growing number of people who like art are realising that investing in original artwork is a viable option for them.  “We will focus on growing our customer base and acquiring corporate customers, forging partnerships with boutique hoteliers and interior designers.  Then we plan to expand our offering, by diversifying into other products like handcrafted jewellery and crafts.”iable option for them.  “We will focus on growing our customer base and acquiring corporate customers, forging partnerships with boutique hoteliers and interior designers.  Then we plan to expand our offering, by diversifying into other products like handcrafted jewellery and crafts.”

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