North London Business Hub Directory Listing


David Fadipe

ENIL Consulting

Emir Osman

Task Consulting

Advocacy / Charity

Aseye Akonou

Black Women United for Kids

Business Consultancy /

Project Management

Adeshola Cole

Tritek Consulting

Business Continuity Planning

Nigel Adams


Business Mentoring / Coaching

Sam Dossa

Create Your Destiny

Business Services

Kemi Bamidele 

Creative Training Hub

Care Home

Deborah Pacquette

Adeza Care Homes

Car Rental

Shazzadur Rahman

Motohire (UK) Ltd

Tel: 020 8805 8181



Istiak Ahmed

Action for Social Inclusion Partnership (ASIP)

Justina Mutale

Justina Mutale Foundation Ltd

Kemar Walford

KNW Consultancy 

Cleaning Services

Ola Ogunlowo

Let's Shine Ltd (residential & commercial cleaning)


Wayne Jones

Angler Star Ltd


Zsofia Szlamka

AMKA Counselling

Digital Marketing Services

Serdar Polat

Mhc Digital

Digital Media Services

Ann-Marie Kinlock

The Quiet Quest Ltd

Education Charitable

Asheley Biggart


Education and Technology

Deborah Baptiste

Mindcatcher Ltd

Education, Tuition, Training

Peter Ambler

PA Education

Joanna Benalla

Less Linear Ltd

Anita Busby

Gold Medal Tuition

Awurabena Yeboah

AJE College Ltd

Entertainment & Travel Marketing

Pandeles Paphitis

Asteri Group Ltd

Estate Agency

Mohammad Rostom

Oaktree Property

Events, Entertainment, Comedy

Marc Farrell

Knighthood Events

Event Planning, venue decor

Anne Taiwo-Mathew

Events by Irena

Fitness Services 

Fiona Seigneur

Seigneur Strategies

Ieva Usackyte 

iSports Academy

Food and Drink Services

Kenneth Abangma


Abisola Christos-Wahab

Majestik Food (UK) Ltd

Health / Supported Living

Chijioke Obineche

Dayrise Care Services

High Technology Consultancy

Charith Gunawardena Ltd

Interior Design / Consultancy

Daniella Bird

Space Positive Ltd


Helen Forster

Forster Cameron Insurance Broker Ltd

Insurance Claims Management

Himie Hovsha

Allied Claims

IT Consultancy/Training 

Sudipta Ghosh

Informagic IT Solutions Limited 

Ola Ogunlana

Jade-Tec Solutions

www.jade-tec.comns Ltd

Jewellery Maker

Marketa Jerabkova

Made by Miss M


Key and Support Work with Young People and Semi-independent Accommodation Provider

Mohammed Rafi


Legal Services

Victoria Ibe

Alexandra James - Lawyers & Consultants

Behiye Karaman-Nag

ABS Solicitors Ltd

Michael Onabote

Michael-Aliz Solicitors


Management Consultancy

Sedat Ozcelik


Mortgage Broker

Uwaifo Uhumuavei

Zodiac Mortgages Ltd

Music, Retail and Tuition

Jonny Hayes

North London Music Centre


Leroy Burgess

AMCLB Services Ltd

Property Development

Wayne Jones 

NuTec Development Ltd


Tel: 020 3004 9192

Camelia Smith 

Litmus Planning and Development Consultancy Ltd

Recruitment & HR

Hakeem Balogun 

ZAT Personnel Ltd

Jean Billes

William Nicolas Recruitment Services Ltd

Tony Thomas


Retail / Wholesale 

Evelyn Gordon

United Dogdom 

Ester Harris 

Vathu Ltd


Labake Odushegun BA (Hons), MSc


Training / Coaching Services

Jim McCowen 

ARC Skills Consultancy

Liz Sorton

Youth Coach Liz Sorton

Traffic Management

Oladunjoye Olagesin

First Pros Ltd

Tuition and CV Writing

Joanna Benalla

Less Linear Ltd

Web Design / Online Marketing

Kehinde Akintoye

Fast Pay Per Click Ltd

Vernette John-Joiles

7D Online

Salamatu Kamara

LB Internet Consultancy


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