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This NLCCE Ask the Expert Free Webinar is open to clients of Enterprise Enfield:
What's Next for the Covid-19 Economy
V, U, W - What Shape will the Recovery Be?


Thursday 20th August, 12.00pm - 1.00pm

In this NLCCE interactive webinar, led by Marcus Wright, Senior Economist, NatWest Group, we'll explore the outlook for the UK economy during this ongoing period of crisis.

Areas covered will include;

  • How is the economic recovery from the crisis looking?  What shape is it taking and how significant will the labour market fallout be?

  • How are other countries faring and what can it tell us about our own recovery?

  • What are the longer-term implications of the crisis?  Does it simply accelerate changes already underway?

Marcus Wright is a senior economist at NatWest Group where he analyses economic dynamics to inform the Bank’s strategy. He heads up the forecasting and stress-testing scenarios team and has over 15 years professional experience as an economist. He has previously worked for an investment trust and an economic development consultancy. His particular areas of interest are the UK economy, monetary policy, China and global financial developments. He has a first class degree in economic science from the University of Aberdeen. 


12.00-12.15  Joining and networking

12.15-13.00   Welcome, Presentation and Q&A

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