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Your Feedback Really Matters to Us!

Let Us Know Your Comments

and Suggestions about Our Services


We really value your comments and suggestions and use them to help us improve our business support services and facilities for the benefit of all North London Business Hub / Enterprise Enfield users.  


We offer all our clients the opportunity to complete a feedback survey after they have attended an advice session or webinar/ seminar.  To give your feedback at any other time, on any service, please contact us by: email or 020 8443 5457. 

Some comments from former Female Founders Accelerator Programme Participants:

"It’s amazing if I look back to a few years ago – I would have never imagined I could be where I am now.  My mind has shifted completely – I am so much more motivated and confident in what the business can do. I encourage other women to join the programme as it truly transforms your life!"   Ruth Pearson, Listening to Your Voice

"The Female Founders Programme came at the right time for developing and progressing my business. The one to one advice, seminars and assistance with my marketing strategy really helped me focus and identify things which needed to be addressed. The support keeps you motivated… it gives you the tools to go away and do it yourself!"  Saima Duhare, Halal Fresh

"I gained valuable skills and confidence to grow my business, expand and venture into new markets to increase my turnover. It made me step out of my comfort zone and adopt new strategies – I am seeing positive changes already! Now, with the support of the Ambassadors Programme, I’m confident I can encourage other women to achieve the same." Cathy Underwood, CU Yoga

You Said… 

You would like more webinars on topics such as: social media; reducing business environmental impact; health and wellbeing; business planning and decision making. You also said you would like in person networking events when restrictions allow.

We have run webinars on social media channels such as LinkedIn and have one planned on ways to reduce business environmental impact.  We will plan to incorporate the other suggestions in our schedule - and will be planning live networking events as soon as restrictions allow.

You Said… 

Participants on our women's business support programmes have expressed a wish to attend webinars to enhance their digital skills and enhance their social media marketing.

We have added new digital skills webinar sessions to these programmes.

You Said… 

People using mobile phones on loud speakers were distracting to those working in the Hub area.


We asked Hub users to stop using loud speakers and put notices up in the Hub.



You Said…

You would like access to the Hub in the evening / weekend.


We are currently looking into whether enough Hub users would like to use hot desks during evenings / weekends.

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