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Amy Fergus Fuller

 A to Z Yoga


Amy is a former performer and nursery teacher who now combines her knowledge of movement with her creativity to teach Yoga to people of all ages. She is a specialist in Yoga and movement therapy. In just 8 years Amy has grown an award-winning business, teaching 1000’s to improve their overall health and physical body through her unique method. She is known well for healing those with acute pain whilst maintaining such a fun and quality vibe in all of her sessions.

Amy’s A to Z Yoga for kid’s classes are so popular for their creative nature and ability to further a child’s learning, that she has been commissioned by huge nursery corporations to create yoga plans for their sites and online platforms.


Years of acting, singing, dancing and art lead Amy to a very creative lifestyle and a desire for movement and creativity amidst her career. She went from studying Performing Arts, to working as a nursery art teacher to training in Yoga teacher training back in 2011. For 5 years she studied alongside her instructor, absorbing as much information on the human body as possible and began to put together a method of her own that combines what she feels are the most valuable parts of the many forms of Yoga and movement she has been exposed to. This is what A to Z Yoga now encompasses and will continue to grow with the same values and expertise. 

My background and experience

I have practiced many forms of movement from the age 5 and have specialised in Yoga physical therapy since 2011 delivering classes, workshops and retreats to local communities, teaching at top Yoga events including the International Yoga Day and creating Yoga programmes for top nursery corporations.


Why I started my business

My desire to create and move lead me towards a career as a Yoga teacher but it was the improved overall health of my students and the absolute lack of really well instructed and created Yoga or movement classes on the market which inspired me to create my business.  A business that I am so passionate about because I want to help as many people as I possibly can to improve their lives.


My proudest achievements in business

  • Voted one of Enfield’s top 3 classes

  • Teaching at International Yoga Day

  • Developing a Yoga programme for top nursery corporation (not yet allowed to mention the company name as the creation process is still happening)

I can speak on the following topics:

  • My business journey so far

  • Teaching Yoga and movement to those with severe injuries

  • Teaching Yoga to children and adolescents from 0 – 18

  • Improving one’s overall health with Yoga and movement

  • Managing and overcoming anxiety, loss and trauma with Yoga and movement

Contact Amy directly on:



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