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Audra Daws-Knowles

Audra Daws-Knowles

Audra's Brooches

Audra Daws-Knowles sells a thoughtfully curated collection of antique, vintage and retro brooches both online and at exclusive markets in London under the trading name Audra’s Brooches. With over twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing in both commercial and non-profit sectors Audra’s personal service and creative style makes her a unique and popular vendor in a very crowded marketplace. A qualified teacher of Media Studies, Audra is keen user of social media to present and promote her collection and uses her own photographs to support her postings - with well-written descriptions including historical and artistic provenance.


In addition to her creative spark, Audra has extensive organisation, communication, administration, training, team management and marketing skills, gained in demanding corporate, government, educational and non-profit environments. She gained marketing and sales experience in Canadian, British and American markets, including small and large retail venues as well as corporate and governmental global export operations. Audra’s merchandising and display experience was gained in the demanding and competitive marketplace of women’s fashion.

Audra’s experience as a teacher has also allowed her to provide exclusive mentoring and training to other online sellers on the Etsy platform and she offers one to one coaching as well as group training sessions to a number of London based sellers.


My background and experience

  • Sales, merchandising and display skills gained in retail environments

  • Branding, marketing and communications skills gained in consumer product / business environments

  • Presentation, packaging and gift-wrapping skills gained in retail environments

  • Procurement and negotiation skills gained in retail, business and educational environments

  • Global logistics and shipping experience gained in international sales

  • Pitching, bidding and presenting skills gained in retail, business and educational environments


Why I started my business

  • To use my knowledge, skills and experience to create my own enterprise rather than working for someone else

  • To combine my interest and collection of antique and vintage jewellery for over thirty years focusing on brooches with my love of sales

  • I wanted to work hard for myself, do something that I enjoy which will allow me to learn and be challenged


My proudest achievements in business

  • Being the recipient of the Most Inspiring Woman in Business Award from my peers

  • Receiving five-star reviews from my online customers

  • Accepting praise from professional photographers and designers for my jewellery photography



I can speak on the following topics:


  • My Business Journey and Success

  • Setting Up a Thriving Etsy shop

  • Creating a Visual Story for Table-top Markets and Pop Up Shops


Contact Audra Daws-Knowles directly on:




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