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Cheryl-lya Broadfoot

Soul's Compass (Wellbeing Showcase)

Tea-lover and chocolate fanatic, Cheryl-lya Broadfoot has been running Soul’s Compass Coaching and Consulting (working with charities and start-ups) for nine years and her second business Wellbeing Showcase for five years.


With an MA (Personnel & Development), BA (Industrial Psychology) and HND Human Resources Management (among other qualifications) Cheryl-lya worked for 17 years in the field of Human Resources as an Employee Relations Specialist. She then moved into Volunteer Management and trained in a few modalities of Complementary Therapies.

She is also a CMP Certified Copywriter and Social Media Strategist, Royal Society of Public Health trained and an NLP Practitioner.


Previous successes have included getting the volunteer arm of a national pilot across Hospice care to number one in the UK, providing people solutions saving contracts around £400k. As a coach and mentor she has supported over 250 micro-businesses on a one-to-one basis, supports Women in Enterprise Networking events and is a volunteer herself.


“Starting out in HR, I later decided to break the rules and follow a career supporting causes closer to my heart. I have worked across several sectors including Business Start-ups, Employability, Social Care, Higher Education and currently Heritage. Also consulting on Volunteering Services for 10 years.  I now support only the best Businesses (like yours!).

Post-COVID I am helping small business owners get noticed through business planning and accountability strategies while reviving my own wellbeing events business… Chocolates in the post please!”

My background and experience

  • Coaching women in business to plan, write and take action on meaningful results

  • Consulting with charities to increase volunteer skills, competencies and recruiting

  • Events management and provision

  • Human Resources

  • Published author

Why I started my business

  • To ensure the gap between men and women in business is closed by ensuring no woman makes the mistakes I did

  • To see radical change in health and wellbeing in people and our local communities

  • Raise the profile of wellbeing in all areas of life to that of a necessity rather than luxury

  • To serve my local community as best I can


My proudest achievements in business

  • A client recently emailing me a copy of her book to be published which will make a difference to nursing across Australia, UK and the wider world. (Accountability Mentoring got this done!)

  • Pilot project in Hospice care reaching number one in the UK

  • Realising my business needed to be made into two entities for maximum results

  • Mayor of Enfield Award for Community Contribution

  • Nominated for Heritage Voluntary Sector Leader of the Year 2021 and Mentor of the Year 2019


I can speak on the following topics

  • Art of Simple Stress Relief for Business Owners

  • Accountability in Action: From Overwhelmed to Positively Productive

  • The Art of Letting Go

  • Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

  • Healthy Transitions into Employment/Self Employment (separate topics)

Contact Cheryl-lya directly on:



Enterprise Enfield is not responsible for the content of any Ambassador presentations. All coordination of talks or presentations and any arrangements for remuneration must be between the organiser and the chosen speaker- please discuss all details and preparations directly with them.  Enterprise Enfield cannot be responsible for any speaker arrangements.

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