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E-business Programme: Success Stories

Poppy Sherbrooke and Georgina Whall: Percy Langley


In Autumn 2020, after the first onset of the covid pandemic, Poppy Sherbrooke and Georgina Whall, decided to leave high street retail jobs to set up their own womenswear and gift, business, Percy Langley Together, with a wealth of retail experience spanning more than 30 years, they set up their online store, with the main operations for the business based in Leytonstone, Waltham Forest.  In addition, they have opened a retail outlet in Burnham Market. 


Percy Langley specialises in British designed seasonal fashion, affordable art, interior and life-style accessories; children’s activities; natural beauty products and books.  The partners have established a strong set of ethical values with sustainability at the core of the business – all products have been selected with conscientious consumerism in mind.


Poppy approached Enterprise Enfield in September 2022 seeking advice and support with improving their digital marketing, enhancing their website’s search engine ranking and improving Google Analytics.  They also identified a need to set up a more effective digital stock management system – and wanted advice around how to implement this.

Poppy registered for the E-business Programme and met with her appointed Business Adviser, Liz Gjoni for an initial digital review of the business – looking into all aspects of Percy Langley's current operations. This review helped to identify specific actions to take - she was then referred to a specialist Digital Marketing Expert – to receive specialist advice and guidance in a range of areas including:


  • increasing traffic to the website

  • ways to manage social media channels more effectively

  • stock management systems

  • improving SEO

  • enhancing Google analytics


Business Adviser, Liz Gjoni explained “The advice the Digital Experts provided has enabled Poppy to enhance their website’s search engine ranking; maximise links to third party sites and find more efficient ways to upload images. In addition - on the business development side we have reviewed the financial forecasts- allowing for different future scenarios.”

Advice was also given around the company’s brand – in terms of establishing a clearer audience definition with more focussed marketing messages.  Poppy and Georgina are reviewing their buyer personas and adapting their marketing messages accordingly:

‘We’re incredibly grateful to be part of the E-business programme, to have the support of a wide selection of industry professionals available to help us shape our business strategy and operations is really useful. As with most small businesses we are a small team that’s time and resource poor and having mentors to help equip us with better business tools and prioritise our focus is brilliant’.

percy langley owners.jpg
percy langley 3.jpg

In November 2022 the partners ran an innovative Black Friday marketing campaign which was aimed at supporting those most in need. For every gift bought on their site – they donated a gift to a local family. Poppy explains -  “We're really passionate about working in a more sustainable way and our Black Friday campaign was all about supporting those most in need this year. We are working towards changing the tone and messages away from excess and discounting to supporting the small and looking after those more vulnerable in our society.”  

For more details visit Percy Langley Contemporary British Design

Free Advice and Support to Grow Your Business!

For more details about how you can access free 121 digital advice and support to grow your business visit the E-business Programme webpage.  (The programme is open to businesses which have been registered over 6 months and located in Enfield, Waltham Forest or Redbridge).

The E-business Programme is fully funded - and supported by Local London, Waltham Forest Council, Enfield Council and Redbridge Council.

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