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E-business Programme: Success Stories

Martyna Przybysz, Shot by Martyna

Martyna Przbysz, Shot by Martyna.jpg

Martyna Przybysz is no ordinary photographer. When she started trading as Shot by Martyna in 2012, it was a vocational step which helped pull her out of a major depression as she set out to connect with fellow female business owners using the medium of photography. She combines over 15 years of experience working in both customer focused roles and creative industries, together with her personal interest in life coaching and spiritual healing to offer a bespoke package of ‘Personal Branding Photography’.

As a photographer, Martyna works with dynamic women and business owners who share her zest for life as well as a passion for their brand. She offers to cultivate a suite of brand photographs for her clients’ businesses, taking a unique and personalised approach which aims to capture the spirit and passion of the person themselves. Her services include Mini Branding, Signature Branding packages, as well as Mini Sessions Days and bespoke event photography services.

In June 2022, Martyna approached Enterprise Enfield for advice and help with attracting more clients and improving her marketing skills. Her goal was to “put herself on the map” in Waltham Forest, she said “I was struggling with marketing and attracting more clients in general. I wanted to put myself more on the map in the local community and attract a variety of businesses that would fall outside of my usual target audience.”

Simultaneously, Martyna was also looking to develop a personal photography project about women with endometriosis into a community project called The Kind Space. The project supports women to “connect with their menstrual cycles and make the most of its unique powers”. Martyna sought advice on how to introduce and promote the project to residents in Waltham Forest, she explains, “I am an activist for the endometriosis community and am passionate about menstrual health, women, and the role conscious communities play in shaping our world.”


On registering with the E-business Programme, Martyna was assigned the help of Business Adviser, Liz Gjoni as well as Digital Expert, Jo Sealy.  The result of regular zoom meetings with both Advisers meant that Martyna was able to better focus on marketing and build her client base steadily, she said,  I have been meeting with Jo every 2-3 months to discuss marketing and my challenges, such as consistency, and the overwhelm I experienced with all the different mediums putting my messages across. We narrowed it down to building a stronger mailing list, showing up on social media in a way that feels doable, and networking locally as much as possible.”

Jo also suggested potential avenues for attracting funding for The Kind Space project – and after applying to William Morris Big Local fund, Martyna was successful in securing £620 to run a series of 4 Menstrual Circles - a blend of circles and workshops on menstrual health awareness at the Walthamstow Quaker Meeting House in July 2023.

“With Jo's help I was able to establish more local connections and have the confidence to apply for and get local funding for the menstrual health project for this summer. Liz has also helped me immensely in strategising how to attract new clients and get more hands-on support in my business, as well as putting a financial plan together that feels feasible and realistic. The programme has helped me see myself more as a business owner than I did before, which has been extremely empowering.”

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Free Advice and Support to Grow Your Business

For more details about how you can access free 121 digial advice and support to grow your business visit the E-business Programme webpage.  (The programme is open to businesses which have been registered over 6 months and located in Enfield, Waltham Forest or Redbridge).

The E-business Programme is fully funded - and supported by Local London, Waltham Forest Council, Enfield Council and Redbridge Council.

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