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Stella Quarm 

Pyma ltd

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Stella has a passion for business excellence and has channelled this into running her own business, PYMA Ltd. She is a Chartered Marketeer (MCIM) with many years’ experience in the financial services industry. She has worked with businesses over more than 25 years in various roles across the finance industry, both in Ghana and the UK. Her roles in the past have involved nurturing and supporting businesses with their finance needs from - their start up stage through to growth and more recently, she has been helping businesses comply with their workplace pension requirements. Stella has worked with financial advisers and accountants across the length and breadth of the UK in developing capacity for helping their clients comply with these workplace pension requirements.


Stella started her business, PYMA Ltd, importing West African staples and supplying to wholesalers in the UK in 2016. The enterprise was born out of a desire to find a new purpose in life and also to deal with a personal loss. In time, she threw everything she had into the enterprise and has developed and grown the business successfully.


Coming from a completely different sector industry in financial services, Stella had to learn fast, her business development skills from the finance world came in handy and were quickly transferred to help shape the growth of her new importing business.

My background and experience

  • 25 years’ career in the financial services sector

  • Many years spent in a career supporting and nurturing businesses with their finance and growth needs

  • Chartered Marketeer with a passion for business excellence

  • Business development in financial services; working with financial advisers and accountants

  • Personal finance expert


Why I started my business

  • To find a new purpose in life after a personal loss

  • To find time to look after myself and enable my healing after my loss

  • To realise my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and applying what I have taught others to do

  • To give back to my community by supporting girl child education back in Ghana

  • Ultimately, to help other entrepreneurs and see how they can do it too

My proudest achievements in business

  • Finding the strength to launch my own business and staying the course

  • Running a successful international business with its complexities and challenges

  • Starting from nought to developing 10 repeat B2B buyers and growing!


I can speak on the following topics:

  • My business Journey- Finding the Inner Strength

  • Keeping Your Best Customers on Your Side

  • Looking after Your Personal Finances

  • Following Your Dream

  • Why Personal Integrity Matters


Contact Stella directly on:



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