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Stephanie Joslin

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Having grown up in South Africa and worked in various countries, I have learned to appreciate a variety of flavours and ingredients which I incorporate into my baking to ensure that my customers enjoy and remember eating one of my delicious products for a long time. Now living in the UK, baking in my kitchen, I work hard to perfect the balance of flavours, textures and of course those beautiful decorations for my celebration cakes.  I love sharing my knowledge which prompted me to start baking lessons.


I source good quality ingredients, some from my garden including - rosemary which I use for my salt and rosemary ganache for truffles, pears for my pear, cardamom, poppy seed and walnut cake and pansies which I crystallise and use as cake decorations. For special occasions I cater for Vintage Afternoon Teas in the comfort of your own home, using my vintage crockery which I have collected over the years.


I Incorporate my flavour combinations into my range of biscuits and chocolate truffles, these are beautifully packaged, make great gifts and are delicious.


My background and experience

  • Growing up in South Africa I wanted to experience living and working in other countries, one way to do this was to work as an au-pair - which I did in Israel and America.  I also had the opportunity to backpack for a while around Europe.

  • For most of my working life I have worked as a Personal Assistant for some top companies and really enjoyed it.  I have always enjoyed baking, so in order to take it to the next level, I started working part-time and completed courses in patisserie, cake decorating and ’free-from’ baking.



Why I started my business

  • I previously worked as a PA, however, over the years seeing my managers run their teams or their own businesses, I thought that was something I would like to do.

  • I am not naturally a great artist, but I love working with flavours and working hard to perfect a bake as it should be.  I find the creativity side comes out more and more as you learn and experiment.

  • I went to a few baking shows and got very inspired by what can be done and learned.  The thing to do is to immerse yourself in the world you want to take your business into - this is where passion is fed and encouraged.



My proudest achievements in business

  • My proudest moments are when customers come back to me and insist on recommending me and giving me repeat business – that’s when I feel I have done a good job and helped make that person’s occasion special with a delightful celebration cake.

  • From baking cakes I have progressed into making tins of biscuits and luxury chocolates - both made with great ingredients and flavour.



I can speak on the following topics:


  • What I have learned starting up my own business

  • The Venture of a new business is very hard work but at the same time a great adventure meeting new people, learning and putting into practice business concepts you never thought you would, experiencing lows but then the successes spur you on

  • Why I also bake gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free and what I’ve learned.


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