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These Women Did and So Can You!

A Celebration of Female Business Start-ups

Business Women launching their start ups

Left to right: Noi Abrahams, Miacah Huggins and Audra Daws-Knowles

Three women launched their businesses at a joint celebration event on Thursday, 14th September, 6.00pm - 8.30pm at the Let’s Go! Business Hub at Enfield Business Centre. Miacah Huggins, Noi Abrahams and Audra Daws-Knowles are recent graduates of Enterprise Enfield’s 6-month Inspiring Women business programme – they met each other on the course and haven’t looked back since!  Their businesses include: a fashion styling consultancy, Thai cooking classes and catering and an online vintage jewellery shop.

The three entrepreneurs decided to use their launch event to inspire and encourage more women to think about taking the first step to setting up a business. Many studies have shown that the lack of female role models for women entrepreneurs is one reason why some women hesitate to start their own businesses. Audra, Miacah and Noi hope to play their part to redress this issue and demonstrate that with the right help and support, a small idea or dream can become a real profit-making enterprise.  The three have already met with clients, created pop up supper clubs and sold to customers in the UK as well as China, Spain and the USA - and spoke about their own business start-up journey at the event.


Through the Inspiring Women Programme, Miacah, Noi and Audra have equipped themselves with the essential skills needed to start and manage their own businesses. The expert advice, guidance, seminars and dedicated help in all aspects of business enabled them to research their ideas, target their audiences as well as complete viable business and marketing plans in order to confidently launch their enterprises.  All support is free of charge as the scheme is part- funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


The launch event is more than just three women announcing their businesses to the world; it is a statement that says, ‘I can do it and so can you!’ said Barnet resident, Miacah Huggins and owner of Style Formation, a fashion styling consultancy. ‘I wanted to start my own business because I’m interested in helping women find their own individual style that makes them feel comfortable and confident, inside and out,’ she added. ‘I could only do this if I worked for myself and placed these things at the very heart of the service I will provide.’


The Let’s Go! Business Hub hosted the event which featured a selection of Thai treats from Chingford resident, Noi Abrahams, the owner of Boon Thai, which specialises in Thai cooking classes and catering. ‘I love cooking and sharing my love of cooking with others,’ she stated. ‘Many people enjoy eating Thai food and want to learn how to create traditional Thai dishes at home. I can provide this service as well as teach them about the various ingredients and history behind the dishes.’


The third start-up business of the trio is, Brooches Pins and Clips Ltd, an online vintage jewellery business owned by Barnet resident, Audra Daws-Knowles. She is also a sales and marketing training specialist for small creative businesses and recent graduates of Art & Design. Audra said, ‘I have over twenty years of business experience coupled with a successful career as a secondary school Media Studies Teacher. The Inspiring Women Programme brought me up to speed on company formation and financial reporting. I aim to use my knowledge and skills to make my business a success as well as support and inspire other women to start their own.”


For more information about the businesses:

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