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Molly Sobola

Shea Class


I am an artisan natural skincare products maker. With my scientific professional background as healthcare worker, I see first-hand the effect that skincare issues have on people – which can lead to: lack of confidence, becoming insular and affecting mental health. SheaClass products are made from the best quality natural ingredients of seed butters, oils and fragranced with pure essential oils. The materials are sustainably sourced as well as contributing to micro economies in the developing countries. SheaClass products are manufactured locally in small batches with the customer at the core to help boost confidence and alleviate symptoms, with quality products you can rely on. At SheaClass we aim to support  skincare requirements or signpost as appropriate.

My background and experience

I have years of experience creating products for use on all skin types, however, I focus more on dry skin issues. The skin is the largest organ in the body, the first line of defence against germs.


With a scientific background and love of chemistry - I combine the best ingredients to bring a solution to skincare problems. I am a keen learner of what is new in the industry, seeking innovation to our products, listening to our customers to ensure YOU continue to be the focus of creativity.

Why I started my business

My business concept started from childhood - many fantastic family members had glowing skin as a result of using products which were passed down the generations and are centuries old.  When my children were born they had dry skin issues which prescription medication did not resolve!  So I started to use the same centuries old natural products which became the solution to their problems.

My proudest achievements in business

I am proud of the fact that I have started a business which has continued to grow despite many setbacks in my entrepreneurial journey. I am passionate about encouraging others in this business.

I can speak on the following topics:

  • Starting a business

  • Lesson learnt SWOT analysis

  • Looking after your skin in a pandemic

Contact Molly directly on:



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