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Nadya Quintanilla


Nadya Quintanilla is a highly experienced design strategist who is running her design studio, NADYA VALISH DESIGN, specialising in brand strategy, brand identity, packaging design and web design.

Nadya, who is originally from El Salvador, Central America, provides strategic thinking and design implementation to her clients - visionaries and fast-growing businesses - to help them align their brand with their vision so that it truly represents them.

With more than 10 years’ experience, she has worked with clients worldwide from many countries including United States, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. As the head of a graphic design department at a design company, she has worked with major companies such as Avianca, Dove, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Philips and HSBC.


My background and experience

  • Worked as an independent designer for clients internationally in the areas of branding, web and packaging design.

  • Deep understanding of business goals, strategic thinking and analysis of information to solve problems with innovation and design

  • Completed a Masters in Project Development of Products and Innovation

  • Head of a graphic design department at a design, manufacturer and service company with offices in Orlando, Florida


Why I started my business

I have big dreams and wanted to be able to work directly with the clients I wanted to, from anywhere around the world, managing my own projects. I know this was the best way to truly understand their business needs. I also wanted to set my own processes, whilst having the time to study and expand my knowledge so that I can get a deep understanding of each business I work with at a strategic level.


Why design? As a child I loved the arts and crafts. Later, I learned about design and it really fascinated me and I developed a real passion for it. I absolutely love what I do so it is a real pleasure to do it for the clients I work with.



My proudest achievements in business

  • Winning more than 40 awards in the fields of logo design, poster design, magazine design, website design and graphics!


I can speak on the following topics:


  • My Business Journey and Success

  • Unlock the Full Potential of your Brand

  • How to Create a Winning Brand 

  • How to Have a Website that “Wows”

  • 5 Strategies to Help your Packaging Design Sell Better


Contact Nadya directly on:




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