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I have always been in love with lingerie. From a young age, my fondest memory was driving to the Bendon factory shop where I had my first fitting. I'm a passionate supporter of women and my mission is to inspire them to feel fabulous and confident in their underwear. Having been through my own body image issues, I know how hard it can be to accept yourself as you are. Lingerie has always helped me feel empowered whatever size I am and I aim to do the same for as many women as possible. 

After 12 years' working in the lingerie industry, I decided to go it alone. Project Lingerie is an online underwear subscription and it's a fun way to treat yourself, or gift a loved one, to an exciting surprise in the post. On a monthly basis, the recipient receives a different delight from carefully selected brands that share my values in female empowerment and self-confidence. 


My background and experience

  • 14+ years' lingerie styling experience

  • Trained mastectomy specialist 

  • Trained maternity specialist

  • Fit lingerie by sight 


Why I started my business

  • I have always wanted to own a business and work for myself

  • To help women feel fabulous and confident every month

  • To offer something unique and fun that's a regular feel-good treat 

My proudest achievements in business

  • Starting - the day my website was launched

  • Ongoing Learning - not coming from a business or tech background

  • Feedback - reviews from subscribers' who love receiving their lingerie

  • Recognition - winning a WOW badge from Jacqueline Gold


I can speak on the following topics:

My Business Journey - where it all started

  • Lingerie Styling

  • Lingerie Fitting

  • Body Confidence

Contact Rowan Fletcher directly on:


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