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E-business Programme: Success Stories


Natasha Awuku

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Natasha Awuku is a multi-disciplinary artist whose creativity spans across art and music. She joined Enterprise Enfield's E-business Programme in December 2023 and tells us here how she has benefitted from the free advice and support:

What does your business do?

I’m an artist and musician.I create very detailed paintings reflecting the beauty of nature across street walls to canvases. I am also a music producer, pianist and soul singer. In the future I would like to  merge my creations to provide and audio-visual experience. My business is currently centred around selling original paintings, prints and art commissions. 


What issues was your business facing before you joined the E-business Programme?  What were your goals? 

The programme has been invaluable to me as I’ve had no prior business training or advice. I faced multiple business challenges including not knowing how to structure my business, writing a business plan that was helpful to me as well as investors and leveraging digital marketing to attract new clients. 


What specific help/ advice / support have you had from your business adviser – and digital adviser?  

My digital adviser, Darren John-Joiles advised me on how to create a website which reflects the industry I am in, the design and the navigation/sections. He also helped me with what to post, using AI for suggestions, ideas for marketing going forward, namely marketing my services on social media. My business adviser Liz Gjoni, helped me with where to find new clients on the web (in this case websites to find interior designers, architects etc.), writing a business plan, where to go to have contracts written and ideas for monetising events. Both advisers were excellent in advising me to separate aspects of the music and art in separate business formats. This helped me to focus my efforts more clearly. 


How did the webinars help you?

I have attended one webinar so far: Using AI Tools For Business on the 13th March 2024. Darren my digital adviser had already taught me how to use Chat GPT in a useful way but the webinar taught me just how detailed AI could be and the more on the scope of what it could do. Prior to the webinar I was struggling to have contracts written for my clients at a price that was within my budget. After the webinar I was able to leverage AI to help me create contracts for my business. Not only did I save a fair amount of money in the process but it also meant that I had immense flexibility to amend a contract and create new ones for different situations. I will add that in my experience it is necessary to be aware of your business needs and and do prior research before prompting AI for the contracts (which I had done months ago), otherwise you could have something which meets some needs and not others. 


What impact has this had on your business? 

The impact on my business has been that I present more confidently and professionally now that I have formal contracts in place. This is will instil more trust to my clients and is also a protective measure for us both. I also saved a fair amount of money and I now have immense flexibility to amend a contract and create new ones for different situations. At present I have not used the contracts but I’m positive I will in the future. 


What are your plans and goals for the future?

The world is a brighter and more beautiful place with art in it. My goals for the future are to attract more clients and share my art as widely as possible. 


Any Other Comments?

I'd like to close by sincerely thanking the E-business Programme team for providing me with such valuable information, every meeting, every video and webinar has helped me so much. If you’re reading this and considering joining the programme, I would say go for it.  


View Natasha Awuku's artwork

For dreamy, intricate artwork you’ll find my work at

Free Advice and Support to Grow Your Business!

For more details about how you can register for free 121 digital advice, support and webinars to grow your business, visit the E-business Programme webpage.  (The programme is open to businesses which have been registered over 6 months and located in Enfield, Waltham Forest or Redbridge).

The E-business Programme is fully funded - and supported by Local London, Waltham Forest Council, Enfield Council and Redbridge Council.

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