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North London Business Hub Member Case Study:

Positive About the Workplace

Daniella Bird, Space Positive Ltd

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Since she was young, Daniella Bird had always harbored a passion for interior design, however she started her career working in project management, within various sectors such as banking, charity, retail, IT, and telecoms over a number of years, until she finally took the decision to re-train as an interior designer in 2005, graduating from Chelsea College, University of Arts. She worked with design and architectural studios, graduated with an MA in Interior Design and then worked as a design consultant for a global office furniture manufacturer and researcher in the future of work and learning environments - where she gained a deep understanding of clients’ needs and design solutions for physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing.  She says:


“I’ve always felt there was strong link between how space could physically and psychologically impact people and I’ve been personally been affected by environments that haven’t supported my physical and mental wellbeing.  So, I took the decision to provide specialist design services that apply health and wellbeing strategies into environments to help improve and positively impact people’s wellness.” 


A Covid-Safe Workplace


Daniella launched her business, Space Positive Ltd, just at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year, “I wanted to find a way to make a positive impact and realised that companies and organisations needed to open back up, but opening up during a pandemic has many risks and it’s critical that ultimately, people are protected as much as possible.” 

She committed to studying the healthy building standards of Fitwel and WELL* becoming a Fitwel Ambassador and WELL Accredited Practitioner (AP), and with these has enabled various businesses and organisations to put in place strategies and practical, actionable steps to help them mitigate the risks of Covid.  To assist with optimising a safe working environment her expertise covers areas such as: building and facilities including air and water maintenance; redesigning space layouts; circulation routes; guidance on hygiene and sanitisation areas; cleaning and Covid communications; sickness / isolation spaces and mental health spaces.


In addition to Covid-safe advice, Space Positive offers a full interior design service for new and existing offices/ buildings - from first brief, through to project co-ordination, implementation and post-occupancy support; as well as advice on the implementation and certification of healthy buildings.


Feeling Connected and Supported


Although Daniella runs her own business, she has gained valuable support and advice through Enterprise Enfield’s Inspiring Women Business Growth Programme – tapping into the expertise of her Business Adviser.  She explains:  

“Working with the business support team has so far been a great and supportive experience.  Running a business can be quite isolating sometimes and it’s been very useful to have someone to talk through and address real issues that might arise.  For example, I’d not produced a cashflow forecast before and was able to work through one with my Business Adviser, Liz Gjoni, who produced it with me and I then had the chance to talk through and understand the financial side of my business better, which has been invaluable. 


Being part of a network and the benefits this brings helps me feel I’m not on my own. In general, the guidance, ideas and advice has been excellent.”

For more information about Space Positive visit

The Inspiring Women Business Growth Programme is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund

*Building standards and certifications designed specifically around health and wellbeing:–

WELL - created by Delos and managed by the International WELL Building Institute IWBI.

Fitwel - created by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and managed by the Centre for Active Design.

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