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The Results are in!
Enterprise Enfield Empowers Businesses to Succeed!


In 2015 Enterprise Enfield celebrated 30 years of empowering businesses to succeed!  Since 1985 the enterprise agency has provided expert advice, guidance and training to pre-start, new and established businesses in the region - enabling them to grow, create jobs and thrive. A recent independent survey of the organisation’s clients has verified that Enterprise Enfield’s services do make a real difference to businesses. 


The National Enterprise Network (NEN) which represents the enterprise sector across England and Wales, conducted a survey of 78 business support organisations across the UK, a total of 2,803 responses were received and revealed top scoring results for Enterprise Enfield.  A staggering 50% of responses for London were from Enterprise Enfield clients, who had received a range of business support services from the agency.


Results showed that Enterprise Enfield clients felt that the agency’s support made a positive difference to their business journey91% said that the support was valuable and 93% said they would recommend the agency’s services to others thinking of starting or currently running a business. 


The impact of Enterprise Enfield’s work - advising and supporting start up and established businesses is far reaching - helping to strengthen communities by bolstering the local economy and creating jobs and wealth. 48% of Enterprise Enfield clients running businesses for longer than 12 months said they had an increase in turnover last year and 77% predict an increase in the coming year. One interesting figure showed 95% of clients who were initially ‘forced’ into self-employment - due to circumstances such as redundancy - now prefer to still be running their own business in 4 - 5 years time, than return to work.



Des Johnson, Enterprise Enfield’s Chief Executive said:-


“I am thrilled with the results of the survey that demonstrates that Enterprise Enfield has maintained its excellent track record in offering a top-class business support experience to its clients. We will strive to continue and improve on these efforts to ensure businesses can tap into impartial advice, training and a range of support services and facilities - to achieve their business goals.”


Comments from Clients

In the survey respondents were asked to provide 2 or 3 main areas in which they felt Enterprise Enfield had made a difference to their business or had helped with their business idea or plan to start a business.  This is what they said:


Attending the seminars gave me reassurance that I was on the right track. A big plus was meeting others who were going through the same process, and there was the opportunity to swap/ pass on tips and experiences.


Helping me tick the box on direction. Helping me get funding (when I wouldn't have achieved elsewhere), helping me incorporate and provide business plan.


There have been two main benefits to my joining Enterprise Enfield, the first is my confidence. It is scary taking the plunge and setting up your own business. Each time I met with ‘the adviser, I left feeling confident I could do it. I already knew most things and due to my background knew the content of the courses so they reinforced that I did know what I was doing and was making the right decision. Without this, I may have changed my mind.  The second was entering your awards and winning, this helped me with both the prize money and the exposure.


My idea is still not fully launched however EE was most helpful on helping me with the legalities of the business and Marketing it online. It has connected me to a lot of interesting people within the community and introduced basic knowledge of financing. I plan to go back for me. Very pleased such service is available in my area/community. Thank You.


They are great people, very welcoming and knowledgeable it's a great resource to have.


I have not completed a business plan nor am I pursuing my business idea at this current time. Following my last advice session with ‘the advisor’ I decided that it was not the right time for, my visions and practical side of this business idea do not quite tally up. ‘the advisor’ pointed out that my personal circumstances are very good in terms of employment, finance, accommodation, upon reflection it made me walk away knowing that I am blessed.


I would definitely say that Enterprise Enfield steered me towards the most financially viable option for my business, after I had put 2 or 3 ideas to them they worked on the finances and were able to let me know if it would be the right route to take. This made me rethink my plans until I came to the current set up. Enterprise Enfield were very instrumental in helping me put together a cohesive business plan, that I can definitely refer to in the future to check that I am on the right track. Overall, I gained so much positive advice from Enterprise Enfield and I feel a lot more confident to move forward with my plans.


The pop up shop was a great help because I realised that having my own shop would be too expensive. Also the workshop I attended let me know about Barclays business accounts was useful.


Attending the "Drive Traffic to Your Website" seminar was great for my business as I learned how to jump my website from page 3 of Google search engine to 3rd position on page 1.


Enfield Enterprise has been there for me, on a face to face basis. It feels as though I am important. I have not felt this from the other source. Enfield Enterprise has set me clear and achievable targets at the end of each meeting. I have had a sense of purpose when I leave the meetings.

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