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Look After Your Health & Wellbeing in Lockdown

Meet Our Clients who can Help

In this immensely difficult and stressful time – we wanted to help others find ways to manage and cope better during the lockdown. We also know that many of our clients have now taken their services online – such as yoga and meditation, various exercise and fitness sessions – and other mental wellbeing providers, such as counsellors, therapists, life-coaches and holistic practitioners are now providing sessions via phone Zoom or Skype.  We have created this page to showcase their services and help you stay well!

Happy Stance Yoga, Aleksandra Sasha Horwood


In addition to studying and teaching yoga for 30 years in a wide variety of settings, including kindergartens, primary schools, corporate client communities, charities, hospitals, and private yoga therapy classes, I have also worked in a number of different countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Austria and the USA. Given the diverse background, context, and age groups of these populations and experiences, and holding the highest teaching accreditation with Yoga Alliance, the practice of my yoga therapy program has proved to help especially the elderly with fall prevention, body awareness, strength, flexibility, mobility, relaxation and improving balance - while bringing the joy of engagement in activities, a better quality of life, and increased longevity.

In order to improve the quality of life for older people, I have created a gift certificate subscription system for family members of elderly isolated people to purchase which will allow them to access guided activity sessions. It has been created for those who worry about parents or grandparents not getting enough exercise in isolation. I am also offering free meditation sessions for NHS staff and key workers.

For Enterprise Enfield clients I am currently offering 50% off any class. Click the link below to book and enter the code: ENTERPRISE50


Monday to Friday:

9.00 Yoga for Alignment
10.00 Yoga for Mobility
13.00 Yoga for Strength
16.00 Yoga for Balance
17.00 Yoga for Flexibility

Aleksandra Horwood photo.jpg
Cathy Underwood photo.jpg

CU Yoga, Cathy Underwood


Hi there, my name is Cathy Underwood and I’m a yoga teacher and movement therapist with over 30 years experience. As well as offering classes, retreats and workshops I also specialise in yoga for healthcare in particular programmes for mental health and complex needs. I am also the recipient of a variety of awards including Enterprise Enfield's Barclays Innovative Business of the Year Award and The WNF Business Growth Award.


I am passionate about helping others and so I have created a timetable of affordable online classes that are designed to support your wellbeing during this unprecedented time. Participants can access these via Zoom or Facebook LIVE - subsidised rates are available for students, seniors and those on low income. Stay safe, Om shanthi.

Mon, 7- 8pm Dynamic Yoga Flow

Tues, 8 - 9am Wake Up Yoga Stretch

Tues, 7-  8pm Restorative Yoga

Weds, 7- 8pm Warrior Flow with Core Strength Focus

Thurs, 10 - 11am Chair Yoga, FREE session ideal for the elderly or those with restricted movement

Fri, 7 - 8pm TGI Friday Yoga and Meditation

Sat, Pre-recorded Classes

Sun, 4 - 5pm Soulful Sunday Sangha

To book visit

Listening to Your Voice, Ruth Pearson


I would like to show you how to transform your wellbeing,

in practical ways, to bring out your greatness within!

I am an inspiring, Accredited Master Coach, and trainer, specialising in combining wellbeing and leadership skills, I'm also an author and motivational, keynote speaker. The writing of my book Say Yes to Opportunities: Be Motivated to L.E.A.R.N. was the catalyst for me branching into the wellbeing sector, as it shared my own personal journey of how I bounced back from a traumatic experience, whilst teaching one day at school. The book is a practical self- help, wellbeing, coaching book - available on Amazon.


I have used both my personal and professional experiences including working in the education sector for over 30 year, together with my knowledge and training from the wellbeing and business sectors, to create two bespoke wellbeing coaching and training programmes called 5STEPS2LEARN and Empowering Transformations, delivered via zoom or telephone.


To complement my coaching, I have also created an online course, Five Steps to Bounce Back From Stress, to allow individuals to get support in the comfort of their home. It is available for the discounted price of £29.  If you are feeling stressed, you can pick up tips on ways to manage stress in my book Seven Things You’re Most Likely Doing That Are Causing You To Feel Stressed Out!  

Contact me on 07828 028559

Ruth Pearson photo.jpg
Charlotta Hughes photo.jpg

Be Me Life Coaching, Charlotta Hughes


I have over 20 years’ experience within the fields of Coaching and HR, a first degree in Psychology, a Masters in HR Management and diplomas in life coaching, corporate coaching and mindfulness. I’ve run my coaching practice in 2007, in 2013 I won Life Coach of the Year (APCTC) and in February 2017 my first book, ‘What’s Your Excuse for Not Being More Confident’, was published.

Individuals tend to contact me when they’re in one of two situations - they either know exactly what they want to accomplish or change but they have no idea how to achieve it, or they have no idea what they want but they do know they don’t want their status quo. Either way, through my coaching, clients successfully identify and remove barriers, find their own answers and develop clarity on the best way forward.

The structure is a mixture of exercises and processes that are scientifically proven to enable positive change, personal effectiveness and individually tailored strategies around how to remove barriers, increase clarity and reach emotional or physical goals. I particularly specialise in confidence, career and wellbeing coaching.

If you’d like to explore how my coaching can benefit, contact me for a free, no obligation phone consultation on 07720839773 or

Kim Jones Therapies, Kim Jones

I am an empathic, approachable, open minded and friendly professional, qualified as a Life/Business Coach, Eco Coach/Therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and Psychotherapist, very much focused on achieving the goals that you have.


In my work, I provide therapeutic solutions, build confidence, enable clients to realise their potential, develop awareness of their innate ability to perceive and resolve problems from a different perspective as well as help re-discover the true inner version of themselves.


With over 27 years’ experience, I have worked with children, young people, families and businesses, with a varied range of social, behavioural and mental health issues, within local authorities, charities, schools and businesses. I’m passionate about working within a range of areas and clients, ensuring I remain versatile and multi-faceted in my work as a coach and psychotherapist.


If you would like more information or to book a session please contact me: or 07972025866.

Kim Jones photo.jpg

In Mind and Body, Health and Wellbeing

Natasha Rhone


Hello, my name is Natasha Rhone and I am an accredited Wellness Life Coach (ICF), who also specialises in delivering a number of wellness therapies. These include, Reiki, Mindfulness and Meditation, Massage Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Yoga. I also run the wellbeing company ‘In Mind and Body’, and along with my team of exceptional therapists and practitioners, we provide Wellness Coaching, Mentoring, Holistic Therapies and training which supports individuals, groups and businesses.

We work to understand any current challenges that may be affecting mental and physical wellbeing, and work through those challenges to encourage, empower and educate on the best ways to manage wellness in the short and long term.


We use various processes, which include exercises, coaching, mentoring, visualisation, meditation and mindfulness practices, that are relevant to your personal situation. In addition, we will also show you relaxation techniques to use, whilst guiding you to release any stress or anxiety that you may be carrying.

Due to the current situation, all of our services are being delivered digitally via live stream. However, if you are uncomfortable in anyway with live streaming we can either turn the screen off or offer support over the phone instead.

We are currently offering all new clients a FREE initial 30 min coaching session to discuss their personal situation. We are also offering a £5 voucher code to spend on any of our wellness services. Please use code “LD20” at the checkout on our website. Please get in touch to see how we can best support your mental and physical wellbeing

Ready to Make a Change, Anna Stapleton


My name is Anna Stapleton, I am an Accredited Master Coach for the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M), an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner and published author. My experience in HR and the Acute Care Services of the Mental Health Sector motivates me to passionately promote mental and emotional wellbeing. I am confident that my experience and training are very relevant to supporting people in dealing with the unprecedented circumstances we are currently facing.

Please contact me on 07866 985 742 or via email to find out how I can support you. There is no obligation, rather it is an opportunity to learn how to remain grounded and powerful in the face of great challenges.


My book, Defining Moments, Reclaim Your Power & Live The Life You Love ( is also available in Italian ( I am also the co-author of the book: How To Win & Keep Clients ( In my chapter, I highlight the importance of understanding the emotional elements of running a business and learning how to manage them. The increased level of awareness improves effectiveness and contributes to living a balanced life.

For further details visit:

anna stapleton.jpg
Angela Small (1).jpg

Conscious Minds Counselling and Psychotherapy

Angela Small

Greetings my name is Angela Small I am an accredited Psychotherapist, Counsellor and EMDR therapist, who is able to deliver therapy to you in your home, either online or by the phone. I am available Mondays to Thursday between the hours of 10am to 5pm, offering support to Enfield residents who are faced with the many unprecedented brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Are you having difficulty adapting to our new normal, of living in lockdown? Are you feeling lonely, scared, frustrated, trapped, sad, annoyed, or a range of other emotions, and you would really welcome the opportunity to talk them through? Then feel free to make contact.


I am offering a reduced fee of £30 per session until June 18th 2020.  Sessions normally last for 50 minutes and can be delivered via, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or the phone; the choice is yours. You can contact, me by either of the following: Mob: 07539 012504 email:,


Looking forward to hearing from you, I am mindful of the challenges we all face with self-isolation and social distancing. Remember you are not alone, support is available.

Almond Blossoms Counselling, Psychotherapy, Rada Graovac


Hello my name is Rada and I’m an integrative Counsellor / Psychotherapist and EMDR trained therapist. We all experience times in our life when we could benefit from some space to talk and find a way through a crossroads.  I can offer a safe, warm and non-judgemental relationship whereby we can explore a way forward.


I am an experienced, fully qualified BACP registered and accredited Counsellor/ Psychotherapist. I offer integrative therapy to adults with the aim of ensuring that I adapt to your unique and specific needs. Your concerns are paramount and I aim to focus on where your needs are, whether this is related to the present, past or future. I draw on a range of models such as: person centred, cognitive-behavioural  &  transpersonal therapies. I am also an Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) trained therapist; research suggests that this modality can be beneficial for trauma related events.


I am able to work with presenting issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma , grief, self-esteem etc. Additionally I hold a specialism in trauma : Acute Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress (Single incident: Crime, accident, natural disaster), Chronic (Repeated, prolonged trauma such as domestic violence and war) as well as Complex Trauma (Relational, Developmental trauma,  abuse and Neglect).

Special reduced fee: £10 discount per session for online and telephone sessions. Some concessionary fees available .  Please contact me on: or for further information:

Rada f.jpg

Adrienne Kirk Psychotherapist


I am a psychotherapist specialising in grief and loss, based in Enfield though currently working on-line via Zoom / Facetime / Skype.

Are you feeling lonely, stressed, distressed by the lock-down? Or are you a key worker who is struggling emotionally at the moment? In the current uncertain situation we can experience anxiety and distress, and with this we can lose our sense of purpose and even our sense of self. If you are struggling and want to explore how you might change your path, then perhaps I can help.

There are many other ways in which our view of ourselves and our future may change, and these can be overlooked by others at this time of worry around covid 19/coronavirus. These may include

  • Loss of a loved one/bereavement

  • Miscarriage, TOP, issues in pregnancy

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Redundancy

  • Retirement

  • Chronic illness

It can be very difficult to talk about these issues, others do not know what to say to you, and may even minimise your loss, which can be very traumatic. It can be a great relief to speak to someone non-judgmental, who really listens and can understand the world from your perspective. I would be honoured to assist you on your journey.

My fee is £50 per session, with reduced prices for booking a block of sessions; and I have a number of concessions available. Contact me on 07983 900575 or to discuss your needs. 

Wellbeing and Balance, Georgina Awaku

I’m a nutritionist with diploma in Nutrition and Personal Therapy. I developed a strong passion for health after the demise of a close relative. A lot of trepidation and uncertainties went through my mind. One of the rhetorical questions was; in a situation like this where a bed striven patient is not responding well to the application / consumption of systematic food provision, what next?

This experience led me to do intensive research on fruits and vegetables over a long period of time. And the combination of outstanding revelations I obtained both through my era in education and personal studies paved the way for me to both teach and use different types of fruits and vegetables, as well as other regimes, to improve my own health as well as others continually.

I produce and sell different types of cold press juices to aid build the immune system. Aside the cold press juicing, I offer a one-to-one consultation service as well, where specific instructions and health programmes are prescribed to individuals based on their health needs.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 07985128639 or visit my website on:

Georgina Awaku f.jpg

The Healing Well, Lucie Light


My name is Lucie Light, I am a holistic practitioner, helping people relax through natural ways of healing, like Reiki Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Bach Flower Remedies/Therapy. I totally love doing what I do as I can see the positive changes that it has on my clients which is something extremely rewarding in return.


I founded 'The Healing Well' about five years ago to offer people way of relaxing, a place where they could come in, leave their worries behind, recharge, re-invigorate and unwind or just simply relax. But also to aid those who would like to progress on their life journey and spiritual path as well as a way of self-development. My services are suited to any individuals of any age, any walk of life, as long as they are willing to dedicate this time to themselves.


I am certified and insured for all services: as a Reiki Master Teacher – offering Reiki Healing, Reiki Shares and Reiki Training (currently all remotely/distantly); a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher - offering 1 to 1 classes/training, and a Bach Flower Practitioner (consultations currently via telephone/ video call). I am currently offering my services remotely via telephone/video call, or distant sessions for Reiki-, and also offering a £10 discount off all of my services. 


To book a session on my mobile number either call, text, or WhatsApp on 07910 515711. 

FB:, website:

Precious Counselling and Mentoring,

Mauva Johnson- Jones

I am the founder and managing director of Precious Counselling and Mentoring Community Interest Company (PC&M CIC)  - working with vulnerable children and young people with anxiety, challenging behaviours and emotional issues. I developed my practice providing mentoring to secondary school children in Barnet and then children in care for Enfield Council and Enfield CAMHS for over 20 years. I previously managed 2 children's homes and still provide support by doing Regulation 44 inspection reports for 2 children homes.


PC&MCIC offers counselling and mentoring within the community to adults, adolescents and children using Integrative Counselling, Mentoring and Play Therapy.  Our team of holistic mentors engage with the child/young person to develop their self-esteem, confidence and social skills. The mentors are matched according to their skill set and can also work holistically to include support work with parents and family members where necessary.  During the present climate, we are providing services online and offer concessionary rates to families. 


Please contact me on

mauva 2.jpg

HR Fit for Purpose,

Helping Your Workforce Bounce Back and Thrive, 

Lisa Seagroatt


As people start to return to work, they are going to need support following the pandemic and as things start to ease the reality of what our employees have coped with will start to be realised. As human beings we tend to ‘cope’ with stress – it’s part of life – but not like this - the stress created as a consequence of this pandemic will start to rear its head after the storm has calmed down.


Some years ago, I experienced a mental health breakdown caused by workplace stress following many years of bullying. It was a life changing experience. The symptoms of stress, including anxiety, panic attacks and depression, can be paralysing. I decided to turn a negative experience into something positive to help others. In short, I have managed to ‘bounce back and thrive’.  Since then I have made it my personal mission to use my operational experience of managing people to help raise awareness of the importance of creating work environments where people will thrive, recognising that people ‘are your business’ and without them ‘you have no business’.

Supporting health and wellbeing in the workplace has never been more critical than it is now. This is the key to helping people to ‘bounce back and thrive’.


Please contact me on

Disclaimer: please note Enterprise Enfield cannot take responsibility for the services of any businesses listed on this page.

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