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These sessions are held under the E-business Programme and open to all participants and their employees.

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Digital Marketing Webinar

Understanding how to market products and services to your target audience is essential.  Digital marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated process - it will cost both time and a bit of money. But if done with clear in goals in mind, it can yield great results for your business. 

  • What's digital marketing looks like in 2022: current trends, researching your market, user habits

  • Developing a digital marketing plan: content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO and search engine marketing

  • Planning a business marketing budget: digital ads, outsourcing

  • GDPR and privacy policies - a brief overview

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Business Operations Toolbox Webinar

 Embracing new digital tools and new ways of working will help you be more efficient and stay focused on the most important thing: running a successful business.


The session will cover: 

  • Developing a digital operation plan - what tools to use, costs

  • Types of digital tools, including online payment merchants, invoicing systems, Customer Relationship Management, security software. accounting

  • Onboarding staff or freelancers - helping staff learn about digital business operations


Being a Productive Business Owner Webinar


This session will include some ideas and insight about increasing your productivity as business owner, and different digital tools that can be used to keep you focused.

  • Planning - understanding how to prioritise tasks

  • Communication - how to express yourself concisely and confidently

  • Time Management - how to monitor your time and minimise distractions

  • Staying organised - keeping track of your business goals and ongoing business development

  • Data Storage - developing efficient filing systems