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Running a Business in Enfield, Waltham Forest or Redbridge?

Digital Webinars & Online Tutorials

These 2 hour Webinars and 45 minute Tutorials are run monthly under the E-business Programme.  They are open to all programme participants as well as their employees.

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Digital Marketing sm.jpg

Let's Talk Digital Marketing (Webinar)

Understanding how to market products and services to your target audience is essential.  Digital marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated process - it will cost both time and a bit of money. But if done with clear in goals in mind, it can yield great results for your business. 

  • What digital marketing looks like in 2022: current trends, researching your market, user habits

  • Developing a digital marketing plan: content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO and search engine marketing

  • Planning a business marketing budget: digital ads, outsourcing

  • GDPR and privacy policies - a brief overview

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Business Operations Toolbox (Webinar)

Embracing new digital tools and new ways of working will help you become more efficient and stay focused on the most important thing: running a successful business.


The session will cover: 

  • Developing a digital operation plan - what tools to use, costs

  • Types of digital tools, including online payment merchants, invoicing systems, Customer Relationship Management, security software, accounting

  • Onboarding staff or freelancers - helping staff learn about digital business operations


Run Your Business

Like a Boss (Webinar)

Find out about common business scenarios, and discuss tips and ideas about how to be more productive and stay on top of your game.

Scenario 1 - Staying organised

- I can’t find my business documents

Scenario 2 - Planning

- Managing a busy schedule

Scenario 3 - Communication

- Managing your emails and messaging with confidence

Scenario 4 - Time Management

- Dealing with distractions and time wasters

Digital tools and apps demo

- Examples to show you how to work better

instagram pic.jpg

How to Sell Using Instagram Shopping

Are you looking for a new sales channel for your products? Find out more at this free webinar.


The session will give you an understanding of how to set up an Instagram shop and navigate the platform to start selling your products online.


Optimise LinkedIn for Business

There are over 65 million decision makers actively engaging on LinkedIn. This professional platform enables you to get in front of the right people to promote your business. With an improved profile, this can be a great way to open new opportunities and increase your business potential

  • Gain an understanding of how LinkedIn can work for your business

  • Understand how to optimise your profile on LinkedIn

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to support your business activity

Vernette invoicing 2.jpg

In 45 Minutes:

Business Invoicing

Do you want to learn what an online invoicing system looks like? Join this quick tutorial and watch how to do a basic setup so that you can get your invoices out faster!

You'll find out how to:

  • Create clients on the system

  • Automate invoices

  • Add service items for easy invoice generation

  • Connect payment merchants for online payments

Vernette CRM2.jpg

In 45 Minutes:

Customer Relationship Management


Do you want to learn what how to manage your customers and contacts in one space?  Join this quick tutorial and watch how to do a basic setup so that you can work more efficiently with your customers.

You'll find out how to:

  • Uploading existing contacts from Excel to the CRM

  • Creating customer profiles

  • Creating calendar events for lead follow-up

Vernette Email mkg2.jpg

In 45 Minutes:

Email Marketing


Do you want to send beautiful, branded emails to your leads? Join this quick tutorial and watch how to do a basic setup to make your emails more engaging.

You'll find out how to:

  • Create branded email layouts

  • Categories for your email audience

  • Email automation

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